Blobby Boys in "Max's Song"

Alex Schubert - Director/Writer/Storyboards/Designer
Nath Milburn - Producer/Editing/Animator/Compositor
Jeff Campbell - Max (Voice)
Odell Atkinson - Adrian, Rocky Romeo, Street Lady, Driver (Voice)
Channing Kennedy - Kristof (Voice)
Fred Davis, Black Dice - Score
David Kramer - Mix
Dustin Williams - Typography
Episode One with Dr. Who the Hell Cares. A short made purely out of online gifs.

Nath Milburn - Director/Animator/Compositor
Mike Kliene (Fancy Mike) - Composer
Wes Cunningham - Doctor (Voice)
Steph Elmore - Toaster (Voice)
The Magic Hour, an animated pilot for Nickelodeon created by Andrew Melzer and Nath Milburn.

Nath Milburn - Director/Producer/Designer/Animator/Compositor
Andrew Melzer - Writer/Producer
Robbie Sublett - Tate, Cole (Voice)
Rivki Bench - Maven (Voice)
Jared Morgan - Storyboards
Alexandro Schillaci - Score
Pete DuPon - Sound Design
Jason Barnes - Animator
Jeremiah Gallardo - Animator
Peter Gulsvig - Animator
Tyler Naugle - Animator
Marty Walker - Animator
Jared West Hickman - Background Artist
Nath Milburn - Editor/Compositor
Chad "DatVoiceGuy" Higgs - Voice Over
Duckweed, an animated pilot for Mondo Media's youtube channel.

Nath Milburn - Director/Producer/Compositor
Andrew Melzer - Writer/Producer
Brad McGlasson - Sound Design
Joshua Tomar - Voice Over
Nacho Malter - Storyboards/Animator
Marcos Bayugar - Storyboards/Animator
Miki Monttlo - Background Artist
Berta Sastre - Background Artist